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Flow Testing

Flow Testing
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Flow Testing is one of our many services we offer to provide performance data for any given cooler type and core configuration. We can flow up to 3.1 litres per second and typically provide 5 flow rates from the maximum flow to a minimum. From these 5 flow rates we record the pressure drop at each point and present this with the unit in hard copy or electronically.
Flow Testing is becoming more of a requirement especially as part of our Service Cleaning package as we record the history of an active Heat Exchanger throughout its working life, this allows us to monitor any changes in the performance of the unit as it progresses through time.
The conditions of the testing are as follows,
1, Once the unit is received it will require a flush through to eliminate any contamination the flow rig.
2, If the unit is oil related a separate flushing process is required to remove all oil and contaminate deposits prior to flow testing.
3, We flow test at 55 degrees.
4, We use De ionised water for all tests

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